About Us

Subatomic Software is the culmination of genius that is Brian and Alex, and until further notice, one of the two has no idea that the other has written this disastrous about page!
Alone, we're just single developers, but together we are more. We are two developers. We are the solution to the problems you didn't know you had until you had them and said, "Hey, I wonder if there's an app for that..." and google'd that ****.

With the combined experience of *insert pretty much just Brian's experience here*, we seek to improve lives through the utilization of the recent technological miracles brought to us in the past few decades.

We live in a wondrous time where scientific advancements across every field are being made at an extraordinary rate. Our goal is to bring the forefront of the scientific revolution to your fingertips through the use of our applications and services. Whether your needs are for work, entertainment, or otherwise, we're your guys.

Much like many other sole business owners, Brian’s days were jam-packed tending to customer needs, monitoring operations, and putting out fires. In the evenings when there was time to sit down and crunch numbers Brian found himself frustrated using business tools that were too expensive, complicated, and time consuming!

After experiencing firsthand the pains of managing multiple spreadsheets and business applications, Brian established a real need to develop a fully integrated solution for small business. As a result, Subatomic Software was founded.

Subatomic Software offers a fully integrated Small Business Software solution to help owners Improve and Simplify their entire business, using a Software as a Service (SaaS) model.

Integrated features such as CRM, scheduling, billing & invoicing, reporting & analytics and inventory management offer small business owners the simplicity and ease of use that will save time. The software is configured to service small and medium sized enterprises in a diversity of vertical markets such as Rentals, Service, Retail, and E-Commerce.